SPACCX is a space tech company commercializing advanced technology to transform Carbon Dioxide from a global liability into an opportunity for global prosperity. SPACCX is part of ESA Nordic Launch Accelerator Program for Nordic Space Entrepreneurs.

The IPCC estimates that to limit global warming to 1,5 °C, we not only need to cut carbon emissions drastically, but we also need to remove 3-12 billion tons of CO2 from the air every year by mid-century. SPACCX disruptive technology could be the solution to the global climate crisis by storing large amounts of CO2 in the upper atmosphere.

SPACCX space tech solutions make carbon emitting companies, power plants, cities, governments, and countries economically and environmentally fit for the future. SPACCX develops together with CO2 emitters a new Carbon Storage Solution, adding a new approach to the global Carbon Capture and Storage Value Chain. SPACCX facilitate the storage of large amounts of carbon dioxide thus reducing global CO2 emissions.

SPACCX help Earth benefit from Space!

SPACCX Science