SPACCX develops, builds and operates Carbon Capture Plants as well as removal of CO2 through Transportation and Storage.

SPACCX make carbon emitting companies, power plants and cities economically and environmentally fit for the future.

We offer full value chain CCS with Carbon Capture as well as Transportation and Storage embedded through strategic partnerships. We also offer this as a service where the customers only pay per tonne CO2 captured and stored.

If you are part of a business, government, city or institution working towards reduced, net zero or negative emissions, we can help. Our Carbon Capture Technology provides feasible, affordable, and scalable solutions that can help your business meet critical emissions reductions targets,

Whether you are working to meet your existing sustainability plan, or are building one from scratch, our Business Development Team will work with you to customize solutions for your needs.

Please contact our Business Development Team under in order to verify if your company, institution or organisation can benefit from SPACCX Carbon Solutions